Our Brands - DNAVITA


Everyone is different, as each one has different food habits. The regular food intake does not supply required nutrition. Thus, health supplements are an important part of wellness. They bridge the nutritional gap that one has in their regular diet, taking into consideration their health conditions - age, height, weight and family health history. Unfortunately, the readymade products available in the market fail to provide a solution to this. The standardisation of ingredients makes them unfit for majority of people. The problems are further complicated by the manufacturing process which is fundamentally dependent upon the concept of extended shelf life (up to 12 months) required to fit into conventional distribution system of factory > stockist > distributor > wholesaler > retailer > consumer. Analysing the products available in the market, we found that they are manufactured as old as 1-12 months before. They also have a lot of added sugar, which is harmful for diabetics and overweight persons. Surprisingly the ingredients in these products contain artificial colours, preservatives and flavours. We realise from scientific facts and nutrition science that health supplements should:

  • be made of natural ingredients
  • be fresh and not pass through lengthy distribution system from unhygienic warehouses,
  • contain ingredients which supplement an individual's nutritional deficits and therefore be customised,
  • not contain any added artificial colours, preservatives and flavours.

In the conventional system of distribution, it seems impossible but the digital connectivity provides us a scope of interactive innovation and direct connectivity to customers with our nutritionists.

Thus the idea of DNAVITA was born.

DNAVITA is a customised health drink "Made for You" to provide Nutrition including Vitamins and Minerals considering your health condition, age, height, weight, food habits and lifestyle using Natural Ingredients given by PRAKRITI (Nature) for your PRAKRITI (DNA). It is superior in Fitness, Bone Health and Brain Nutrition. *(Please compare the nutritional facts of DNAVITA with other health drinks).

DNAVITA is processed in our certified 100% hygienic facility maintaining international standards. Our facility is 100% vegetarian with air-conditioned and hygienic storage. All our ingredients are procured and stored after thorough checking at our laboratory to make sure that only genuine and healthy ingredients are used. The Nutritionists adhere to hygienic global standard uniform and sanitised instruments (in a HACCP and GMP certified process). No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives are used. We have an in house team of nutrition experts for your consultation.